Introducing an Incredibly Versatile GPS Tracker to Boost the Travel Experience

For people like me that (let’s face it) suffer a slight attention disorder and also like to move around and travel as much as possible, this product is an absolute wonder.

The idea is simple: a universal GPS tracker attachable to virtually anything. Though the product was originally meant to track pets (the loss of a beloved pet of the founder is the motive behind the creation of this product) it has been improved to track everyone and everything through a ton of features; it can be used to find lost objects (cars, bikes, bags, etc.), to protect your valuables by setting a virtual fence and receiving proximity alerts, to monitor unexpected movements of the tracked object, to record your own trips and rides and everything else your imagination allows. It’s features make it an incredibly useful gadget in many situations. It even detects changes in the wind, tide and waves while out in the ocean and has an ultrasonic module for controlling the behavior of your pet or keeping the birds at bay.

As a traveler, I can think of a thousand ways this product could help. More than once I’ve had trouble finding my way back to my car, felt unsafe when leaving my bike parked somewhere remote, lost sight of my dog out in the woods, lost track of my trekking pals, etc.

All of this is controlled through an app that (this is the only negative point I can give to this gadget) will cost 4.95$/month if bought anually. I don’t like the fact that I have to pay more than what I already spent on the product itself to make it useful, but if the service I’ll get is the same that Pod has been delivering with it’s previous products for the last couple of years and, given the huge number of situations in which this gadget can be useful, I can’t complain. People at Pod have earned their reputation, and I surely don’t expect them to let me down.

For all of us who want one of these right away, the news are bittersweet. Pod 3 is not being produced for retail yet, but luckily they are in the last testing stages and production is scheduled to begin this May. You can pre-order one through Kickstarter and get it for a better price. Just click the link below!

Click to see product features and specifications
  • Waterproof – Submersible rated IPX7
  • Interchangeable batteries – Up to five days battery life
  • Unique modular system – for easy customization
  • Reusable strap – Simple and secure attachment
  • Impact resistant design
  • Small and lightweight – 1.1oz (32g)
  • 175 countries comunication range
  • App compatible with Apple iOS8+, Android 5.0+, Lollipop 
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